In the course of my writing life there has emerged the following three kinds of published work. The first group, on Theology and Scripture, drew on a lot of academic research for various qualification. A second group began to emerge, on Bioethics, where I began to see that bioethics is not an imposition on our behaviour but arises out of our wholeness as human beings, both a wholeness which is inclusive of the human search for meaning and a wholeness that needs healing. Therefore there needed to be an account of the wholeness of human being, out of which bioethics arises, expressing the reality that moral behaviour proceeds from human nature as a flame from its fuel. The third group, largely autobiographical, draws on a whole variety of life experiences, whether as a single man in search of a vocation, marriage, a family man and the daily dialogue with God and His provident love of us! The key event is that at 40, despairing of life, God spoke to me through the Catechism of the Catholic Church, saying: If He can create everything from nothing He can make a new beginning for the sinner, that sinner being me!

A short catechesis to 270 young pilgrims on Youth, Mental Health and the Word of God, drawing on research and personal experience:


Three kinds of published work

The following titles are now on Amazon, in production or, as with this book, in the process of being written; but I list them here in three groups: Scripture; theology and philosophy; Bioethics; and autobiographical; indeed, the third group began with a prayer in front of the Lady Chapel at our local Catholic Church, in the hope of writing a more widely accessible read. This book, A Word in Your Heart is continuing this line of development.

Scripture: A Unique Word (2014); A trilogy on Faith and Reason called, From Truth and truth: Volume I-Faithful Reason (2016), Volume II-Faith and Reason in Dialogue (2016), Volume III-Faith is Married Reason (2016).

The Human Person: A Bioethical Word (2017); Conception: An Icon of the Beginning (2019); Mary and Bioethics: An Exploration (2020); Reaching for the Resurrection: A Pastoral Bioethics (2020); and Unfolding a Post-Roe World (2022); and Human Nature: Moral Norm, Forthcoming in 2023.

The Family on Pilgrimage: God Leads Through Dead Ends (2018); The Prayerful Kiss: A Collection of Poetry and Prose (2019); Honest Rust and Gold: A Second Collection of Prose and Poetry (2020); Within Reach of You: A Book of Prose and Prayers (2021); and now Lord, Do You Mean Me? A father Catechist!, forthcoming in 2023, along with An Unlikely Gardener: A Book of Prose and Poetry, also due out in 2023. Now, A Word in Your Heart: Youth, Mental Health and the word of God, forthcoming from En Route Books and Media.

Qualifications:.1996, BA Div (Hons) Maryvale Institute, Pontifical University Maynooth

2001, MA in Catholic Theology, Maryvale Institute, Pontifical University Maynooth

2004, Postgraduate Certificate in Biblical Studies, University of Gloucestershire

2005, Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, University of Gloucestershire

2013, MA in Applied Theology (on Marriage and Family, with Distinction) Maryvale Institute, The Open University

2017, Certificate in Bioethics from the Ateneo Pontificio Regina Apostolorum, Rome (two week intensive course).

Francis M. Etheredge BA (Hons), MA, PGCert, PGCHE, MA, Certificate in Bioethics

Catholic married layman with eleven children, three of whom are in heaven

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